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Industry Insights: MedComms 19th June

Industry Insights: MedComms 19th June

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Industry Insights MedComms: 19/06/24

In this week’s insights, we highlight topics in the medical publishing industry that we think are helpful for ongoing professional development.

Happy MedComms Day 2024!

The annual MedComms Day event was initiated in 2012 by Peter Llewellyn, Director of NetworkPharma. This year, it was celebrated on the 12th June, with the hashtag MedComms trending across social media. We’ve come across some fantastic posts, notably Karen Wooley’s AI-pop song “Patient Voices Rising”. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve posted an “ask me anything” session offering informative tips and resources for anyone interested in entering the field of MedComms!

Ask me anything session here:

Career Guide for New Medical Writers

The European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) has published an easily accessible guide for individuals taking their first steps into the industry. This free resource starts with the fundamentals and quickly expands to cover various types of medical writing and related fields. It’s concise yet comprehensive, offering practical tips to help you advance in the industry.

Exploring the Intersection of AI and Medical Writing

Indegene has hosted a panel discussion on AI and medical writing, featuring four experts in their field. They discuss the considerations for using AI in medical writing covering historical evolution, current needs, essential skills and, crucially, regulatory compliance. AI is continually evolving and shaping the medical writing field. Discussions on how others utilise this resource are incredibly valuable and insightful for our own practices.

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