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Industry Insights: MedComms 8th July

Industry Insights: MedComms 8th July

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Industry Insights MedComms: 08/07/24

This industry insight will focus on, a vital clinical trials registry managed by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM). The website has recently undergone modernisation, with the classic version of being retired on June 25, 2024. now lists 500,534 studies with locations in 222 countries. You can see these statistics and other trends here. These statistics highlight the importance of this registry.

To keep updated with any of the ongoing changes to, you can refer to the release notes.

Modernised Update
NLM hosted a webinar that offered a detailed overview of the newly modernised and Protocol Registration and Results System. This 50-minute webinar, led by Anna Fine, Acting Program Head of, featured a moderated question and answer session with Christina Robinson, Product Owner of The presentation and transcript can be downloaded from the link. Demonstration Videos
If you do not have the time to watch the webinar, there are three short videos addressing common questions about navigating the new website. These videos range from 50 seconds to nearly 3 minutes in length. They provide information on how to search for studies, how to identify whether a study is recruiting, and how to find contact information.

Compare Feature
One of the new features is Record History, which includes a compare feature to view two versions of a study record in either a merged or side-by-side format. This feature allows users to identify any changes that have been made to studies. To use this feature, navigate to the “Record History” tab, select the versions of the study you would like to compare, and then finalise by selecting “Compare”.

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