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Use of cookies by this website

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website.

They are used for various purposes. Some are essential, and in most cases if these are not used the website will not work properly. Some are optional. The list below describes the cookies used by this website and what they are for.

Cookie preferencewbcookiecontrolUsed to remember your choice about optional cookies on this site.
NavigationPHPSESSIDUsed to remember which page you are viewing and previous pages viewed. It is also used to allow you to log into a members area on this site if this facility is switched on.
DisplayscreenSizeUsed to help make this site responsive. If this cookie is not used when needed the website will not display properly.
Image HandlingThis domainThis website uses local storage and session storage within your browser cache to work out what order to display images in animation sequences and how to order images that appear in lists. Images on this site tend to be of higher quality and these do require bandwidth to display. This site uses these stores to decide which images to display and which not based on what you are looking at. Without this storage support, performance of this site may be seriously impaired when available bandwidth is low.

Changing cookie preferences

You can change cookie preferences at any time by clicking the cookie settings link in the footer
You can turn optional cookies on and off. Clicking “Save and Close” will store your settings and refresh the display for you.
Also, most web browsers allow you to change cookie settings too. To find out more about cookies visit https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/online/cookies/.