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Use of AI in Modern Day Drug Discovery

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of medical science and research, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has proven to be a transformative force in the field of drug discovery. Traditional screening processes and the subsequent analysis of collected data are both time and capital intensive. However, with the rise of AI, there have been […]

Targeted Cancer Therapy: An Update

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As their name suggests, targeted cancer therapies ’target’ the proteins that help cancer cells grow and spread. They represent an exciting and growing field of research in oncology. Recent findings in targeted therapies promise to revolutionise cancer treatment. Antibody-drug conjugates: Potential game-changers The science community often calls them ‘smart bombs’ or ‘biological missiles’. Antibody-drug conjugates […]

Irish Medical Device and Pharma Companies: How to Work Efficiently with Medical Writers in NZ

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Ever wondered how you could give your business a competitive edge with access to 24-hour productivity? In the fast-moving landscape of healthcare and medical technology, collaboration across borders has become crucial for innovation and efficiency. By working across time zones, Irish medical device and pharma manufacturers can collaborate with medical writers working in New Zealand […]

5 Statistics Essentials for Medical Writers

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Statistics. A word that can send shivers up even the most seasoned medical writer's spine. But statistics shouldn’t be feared or avoided; in fact, most of the time, it is simply misunderstood. While you – the medical writer – may not be responsible for conducting the statistical tests or generating the analytical outputs, you are […]

10 Lessons I’ve Learned Working as a Freelance Medical Writer for 10 Years

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As my tenth year as a freelance medical writer draws to a close, I’m taking a moment to reflect on some of the key lessons I’ve learned along the way. It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride with its ups, downs, and some downright topsy turvy chaos. It has been hard incredibly hard at times. […]

The Stance of Academic Journals on the Use of AI

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With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, there is now increased scrutiny for its implications for authorship and use in medical writing. As AI is likely to become an integral part of the research process, understanding how prominent medical journals view submissions involving the use of AI tools is of paramount […]

The Under-representation of Women in Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials are the cornerstone of evidence for new medical therapies. However, a persistent issue shadows the reputation of these medical advancements: the under-representation of women in clinical trials. A short history on women in medical research For too long, there was an assumption that no fundamental difference existed between men and women, other than […]

Can You Hear Me? Giving Patients a Voice in Medical Publications

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Gone are the days when patients were mere passive recipients of medical decisions! Today, patients are active participants in their healthcare journey and seeking information and involvement in decision-making. This shift has not only reshaped patient care but also impacted how medical information is communicated. Traditionally, medical publications and updates on trends have been authored […]

Threats and Opportunities of Mega Journals

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What is the impact of large journals that regularly publish thousands of articles per year? Does it have any impact on the overall quality of research being published? Does it help advance the availability and publication of research? Journals that regularly publish thousands of articles are termed mega journals. Mega journals can be characterised by […]