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Industry Insight: MedComms 6th May

Industry Insight: MedComms 6th May

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Industry Insights: MedComms

This week’s insights highlight topics in the medical publishing industry that we think are helpful for ongoing professional development. 

AMA Manual of Style, 11th Edition: Continuous updates

The AMA Manual of Style, 11th edition, is an essential resource for those involved with scientific writing and publishing. However, were you aware that the AMA Manual of Style committee continuously updates policy guidelines? The committee lists updates by month on the Oxford Academic site. Recent updates include clarification of mutation and variant usage, a revised usage entry for “repeat, repeated”, and new recommendations for mentioning the use of AI in studies. Make sure to update yourself before starting your next project!

Delivering patient-centric publications

This episode of InformED features current members of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals’s (ISMPP) Patient Engagement Task Force. They discuss the importance of patient involvement in scientific publications and health information. It is a fantastic 25-minute podcast that delves into incorporating the patient voice and making publications more patient-centric. Tune in to make your next journey to work more interesting!

Moderna’s approach to engaging social media

Moderna has started a new video series titled “Coffee Break Science”, which is being shared across social media platforms, including Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. The first episode features a casual conversation with one of their scientists, discussing viruses and how they make us sick. This is one of Moderna’s efforts to help make immunology and vaccine science more approachable. 

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