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Irish medical device and pharma companies: how to work efficiently with medical writers in NZ

Irish medical device and pharma companies: how to work efficiently with medical writers in NZ

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Ever wondered how you could give your business a competitive edge with access to 24-hour productivity?

In the fast-moving landscape of healthcare and medical technology, collaboration across borders has become crucial for innovation and efficiency. By working across time zones, Irish medical device and pharma manufacturers can collaborate with medical writers working in New Zealand to improve productivity and fast track medical writing projects. At Elion Medical Communications, we provide technical medical writing and promotional copywriting support for Irish pharma and medical device companies to support them with publications and marketing projects. Here’s how Irish medical device companies can benefit from working with companies like Elion Medical Communications in New Zealand.

Recognising strengths and expertise: Evidence suggests that the use of professional medical writers enhances publication quality and speed. Irish medical device and pharma companies are known for their ground breaking innovations. They invest significantly in research and development to create cutting-edge technologies and treatments that can improve patient care worldwide. But here’s the thing: to be successful, businesses must effectively communicate these breakthroughs to a variety of audiences, including patients, doctors, and regulators. That’s where medical writers in New Zealand come in. We are fortunate to have access to a network of highly experienced medical writers in New Zealand – writers who are adept at transforming complex science into clear, accessible communications. By teaming up with these writers, Irish medical device and pharma companies can ensure that their research and product messaging is seen, heard and understood by all.

Enhancing communication and compliance: Effective communication and regulatory compliance are paramount for success in medical device and pharma development. Regulatory bodies like the EMA, FDA and the EU MDR impose stringent requirements, and adherence is non-negotiable. Irish medical device and pharma companies can streamline medical, legal and regulatory approval of materials by partnering with medical writers in New Zealand and leveraging their expertise in global and regional regulatory standards.

Seamless workflow through collaboration: While the time zone difference between Ireland and New Zealand may seem challenging, it can actually be turned into an advantage. By strategically coordinating work schedules, companies can achieve a nearly continuous workflow. For instance, as the workday ends in Ireland, it begins in New Zealand, creating a seamless handover of tasks and promoting efficient project timelines. Collaboration between Irish medical device companies and medical writers in New Zealand is easily facilitated through the use of collaborative tools and project management platforms. Video conferencing, cloud-based document sharing, and real-time communication tools ensure smooth interaction and project management.

The collaboration between Irish medical device and pharma companies and New Zealand-based medical writers offers immense potential to drive innovation and enhance marketing and medical communications activities. By recognising each other’s strengths and embracing technology, companies can work with expert writers across multiple time zones to develop communications that have the potential to improve patient outcomes.

Looking for a medical writer to work while you sleep? As a freelance business, Elion Medical Communications can adopt flexible working hours to meet your needs and timelines, whatever your time zone. We offer the expertise of an in-house medical writer or medical copywriter but with the complete flexibility of an outsourced solution.

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