Industry Insight: AI

Industry Insights: AI 6 April

Industry Insights: AI 6 April

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This artificial intelligence (AI) Industry Insight focuses on the latest updates on the use of AI in medical communications. We are covering topics such as how to support the transition to AI-powered healthcare, AI in medical publishing, and the launch of Scopus AI.

How to support the transition to AI-powered healthcare

This editorial from Nature Medicine raises several important points regarding the introduction of AI in the healthcare setting. The authors explore the need for prospective testing and validation of AI models due to their well-documented generalisability issues. They also highlight how the evaluation of models must consider the potential benefit or harm for individuals or populations rather than solely evaluating whether they improve productivity. Many of these points have already been raised in the Responsible AI for Social and Ethical Healthcare (RAISE) statement; however, Nature Medicine would like to see these principles reflected in the designs of studies they publish.

AI in medical publishing

This informative one-hour discussion, produced by networkpharma.tvand published in February, shares insights into how generative AI impacts the journal publishing business. The panel involved specialist publishers from Springer Healthcare, SAGE Publishing, Taylor and Francis, and Becaris Publishing. It is well worth a watch for valuable insights into the practical application of AI in the industry.

Elsevier launches Scopus AI

Scopus AI utilises content from more than 27,000 academic journals reviewed by world-renowned experts. Since its alpha launch in August last year, it has been further developed to include the addition of expanded and enhanced summaries that provide readers with fast overviews of key topics, foundational and influential papers to identify key works, academic expert search identifying experts in the field, and an enhanced breadth of research covering 10 years of Scopus content. Scopus AI is currently available for purchase.

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