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Industry Insight: MedComms 25th March

Industry Insight: MedComms 25th March

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In this piece, we highlight topics in the medical publishing industry that we think are helpful for ongoing professional development. Is ChatGPT making scientists hyper-productive, journals fighting back against questionable images, and advancing clinical data transformation. 

Is ChatGPT making scientists hyper-productive? The highs and lows of using AI

This article by Nature discusses the benefits and downsides to using ChatGP and other large language models (LLMs) for scientific writing. One of the major benefits is its ability to reduce language barriers in research. The downsides range from language mistakes to wider industry implications resulting from the increased publication of low-value research.

How journals are fighting back against a wave of questionable images

Of the more than 51,000 document retractions, corrections, or expressions of concern, only 4% flag a concern about images. However, it is likely that the number of images that have been manipulated is in excess of this. Scientists are increasingly investigating potential  image manipulation, using both their knowledge and AI software to detect image duplication and other issues, and highlighting these in places like PubPeer (an online journal club). This has led to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute retracting a number of papers after concerns were posted about image manipulation. Journals are asking authors to submit raw images, while some are also incorporating AI-based tools that can quickly detect duplicate images even if they have been rotated, stretched, or had colour changes.

Advancing Clinical Data Transformation: Industry Outlook 2024

This free one-hour webinar from eClinical Solutions discusses AI adoption, external data trends and cycle time challenges. This will help you gain insights into industry implications for the next 12 months. To identify the trends and practical experiences in clinical data transformation, eClinical Solutions surveyed 70+ professionals with expertise in clinical operations, data management and data science across 50 organisations.

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