Industry Insight: AI

Industry Insights: AI 29th April

Industry Insights: AI 29th April

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Industry Insights AI: 29/04/24

This artificial intelligence (AI) Industry Insight focuses on the latest updates on the use of AI in medical communications.

Two-thirds of the top 20 pharma companies have banned ChatGPT.
In a ZOOMRX survey of more than 200 life sciences professionals, half reported that their companies have banned employees from using ChatGPT. The main reason for prohibiting its use was concern about sensitive material being leaked to competitors. However, despite this ban, life sciences professionals still used ChatGPT regularly, with more than half saying they used it at least a few times per month. Those using AI were using it for drug discovery, followed by personalised medicine, copywriting, and trial optimisation.

Updated guidance for reporting clinical prediction models that use regression or machine learning methods
The Transparent Reporting of a multivariable prediction model for Individual Prognosis or Diagnosis (TRIPOD) statement was published in 2015 to improve the reporting standards for studies involved in the development or evaluation of the performance of a prediction model. However, with the rapid evolution of AI, the landscape of prediction modelling has changed dramatically. Consequently, an update to the TRIPOD statement was required. The result is the TRIPOD+AI reporting guideline, developed to help guide the accurate and transparent reporting of studies that develop a prediction model or evaluate its performance. This is a 27-item checklist with a detailed explanation of each of the reporting recommendations.

12th European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) Writers Association Symposium-AI in Medical writing:
The European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) conference will feature a hybrid symposium on AI in medical writing on the 9th May 2024. This all-day event will provide an overview of how medical communicators can adapt to current opportunities, with a range of sessions covering the skills that medical writers will be expected to learn as well as the ethical and copyright concerns associated with using AI. This symposium is available for registration on the EMWA conference website at a rate of €280 for the virtual session.

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